Journey of Life – Revolution student Will Cuevas


My journey to where I’m at today in this world of professional wrestling is a long one. I grew up in and around Northern California and lived in more cities than I care to remember. I ended up living with my grandparents at the age of 6 and was introduced to professional wrestling by my grandfather, Tito. We watched everything from Lucha Libre to USWA/WCCW to WCW and of course the WWF. My favorite wrestlers as a young kid were “Gentleman” Chris Adams, Bret “The Hitman” Hart and the “Fabulous” Freebirds.

After moving to Fresno, CA I entered middle school and took the first opportunity to join the wrestling team. Wrestling amateur style was very different to what I would see on TV. I continued to wrestle until my sophomore year in high school. That year I attended my first live pro wrestling event at the Selland Arena. Even though I could only afford the “cheap” seats, the electricity and reaction from the crowd was something unlike anything I had experienced previously.

When I moved back to the Bay Area, my high school in Daly City didn’t have a wrestling team but I continued to follow pro wrestling on TV. I ended up going to several pro wrestling events at the Cow Palace and was invited to attend a local wrestling event in Hayward, CA. It was 1997 and the Monday Night Wars were in full effect. I walked through the doors of the famous All Pro Wrestling (APW) Garage and attended my first “Gym Wars” show. The small venue was full of energy. That’s when I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a professional wrestler. I called up the owner of APW the late Roland Alexander and started training a few months after. It was there where I was introduced to my current trainers and mentors Vinnie Massaro, Robert Thompson and Gabe Ramirez.

Just a few months into my training in 1998, my then time trainer Michael Modest decided to utilize me as a referee at live events. During the time of 1998-2000 I was able to work with wrestlers the likes of Michael Modest, Vic Grimes, Crash Holly, Christopher Daniels, The Bushwackers, The Ballard Brothers, Cheerleader Melissa, Robert Thompson and Vinnie Massaro. Unfortunately, back-to-back injuries in the same week caused me to take time off from the squared circle halting my pro wrestling debut.

I took a change of course in 2004 and decided to serve my country and enlist in the United States Marine Corps. I spent 10 years in the Marines as a military linguist, intelligence analyst and language instructor travelling all over the world and deploying to Afghanistan in 2009. While finishing up my military obligation in Monterey, CA I was contacted by Roland Alexander. He invited me to attend a Gym Wars show and told me to “bring a referee shirt”. I once again became an official for APW in 2012 but due to military obligations couldn’t pursue training as a wrestler. In late 2013, I finished up my military obligation with the Marines and looked to pursue pro wrestling once again.

I was reunited with Vinnie Massaro, Robert Thompson and Gabe Ramirez at Pro Wrestling Revolution and jumped back into training at the Pro Wrestling Revolution Training Academy. I feel very honored that I’m able to train in an environment with so much experience. The training goes beyond wrestling moves and much deeper into the art of this great sport. I’m not only trained within the ring, but I’m provided valuable guidance in all aspects of pro wrestling. I’m pushed hard in order to reach my potential and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t train at the Pro Wrestling Revolution Academy just to make myself better I train here because I want to make this great sport of professional wrestling better. Pro Wrestling Revolution is a family. #Viva


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