WWE comes to town!


We are very excited that many of the talent we work with, all took part in WWE’s RAW at the San Jose Arena tonight. It is always great for young talent to be given an opportunity and we are thankful our area received that. We are proud of all of the wrestlers who took part, Dylan Drake, Adam Thornestowe, Timothy Thatcher, Paul Isadora and Dynomite Dave…

Pro Wrestling Revolution trainer Derek Sanders and student Kevin Andersen were also a part and we are excited for them and hope to see them in this position again in the near future. We are thankful that WWE has reached out to the wrestling community here in our area and look forward to their return.

Kevin Andersen and Derek Sanders at WWE's RAW! All images courtesy of www.wwe.com


  1. No mention of Dutra?!? Anyways, amazing episode, and it was cool to see some people i have been able to talk to, and know from other promotions. It’s awesome seeing people get this far pretty fast in most cases. hope to see all of them in a WWE ring again..

  2. Fantastic to see these ‘rookies’ getting a chance at the WWE big time! Somebody from PWR should have been among them, but let’s hope they take notice of your talented wrestlers, Gabe, and make one (or more) a ‘rookie’ on next season’s shows! Until then– more shows of quality in the northern and central CA area.


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